Update: 2017-05-20 / Girlfriend

Monica is waiting for her girlfriend Miss Fetilicious, she will bring her an exciting surprise she said. She arrives in a sexy latex dress and brought along a very heavy suitcase. The girls spend all day with woman things.

Fatal Jogging

Update: 2017-05-10 / Fatal Jogging

Paul went out for jogging and didn't know the things to come. Three fully rubberised girls decided to raid a sporty man for their pervy ideas. With a stupefactive gas they got him under control before Comtesse Larissa , Mary and Jacline abducted the guy and transformed him into a real female rubberdoll.

China Girl

Update: 2017-04-29 / China Girl

The rubber addicted china doll was completely dressed with a very tied and shiny transparent purple catsuit and ready to play. Lady Alexa was very turned on, to play with the china girl and couldn't stop touching her over the latex covered body.

Miss Fetilicious

Update: 2017-04-19 / Miss Fetilicious

Miss Fetilicous is a very professional fetish model and addicted to rubber. She loves to collect rubber clothings. We have done alredy a few shootings and it was a pleasure to work with her. Certainly we will do more naughty stories in the future.

Shiny Latex

Update: 2017-04-08 / Shiny Latex

Black latex in the hot sun off Tenerife with the right polish and the lovely girl Liz Rainbow. She really checks all body parts from Monica properly and takes care that everyting is shiny and greasy on here.


Update: 2017-04-05 / Transformation

The Rubbersisters starts their first exciting day at the fetish academy. The first mission is to build a real living rubberdoll. She needs a pair of big silicone boobs, rubberpants to blow up, a female mask, a transparent catsuit, a strong latex corsett, a lovely wig and high heels. Video: Peter W. Czernich

Spring Fever

Update: 2017-03-29 / Spring Fever

Monica is enjoying the nice sunny weather on the terrace. The first flowers and the spring smell makes her feel happy. She celebrates the great time with a good glass of wine.

Bizarr Dolls

Update: 2017-03-18 / Bizarr Dolls

The bizarr doll Miss Fetilicous visited her friend Monica and the girls played an exiting bondage game. Monicas arms was bound together behind the back, got thrilled and had to watch her friend getting very exciting.

Rubber Passion

Update: 2017-03-08 / Rubber Passion

Three rubber addicted girls meet up in London to have fun. Miss Velour arrives with a fabric dress on top over her latex skin. Jacline and Comtesse Larissa also wearing latex underneath when they are going outside through Portobello Road. Jacline was pulling on her new Dita mask for this day. The girls enjoyed playing naughty games together.

White Rabbits

Update: 2017-02-25 / White Rabbits

The Rubbersisters went to the legendary white carnival party in Munich. As sexy bunnys they where in the middle of the crowd and all night on the dance floor. Monica is wearing the ultimate transformation set with Petra mask.