Update: 2014-04-14 / Marionettes

Monica, Amruniel, and Lulu get bound on hands and feets to give-up control to Ropecat. She plays with the rubberdolls like with marionettes. The theater starts with all three rubberdolls geting moved parallel and waking close behind one another. Photos: Justine Simone


Update: 2014-04-04 / Dollyfication

The Rubbersisters invited Drea to a very special praline. She didn't know what's coming up and that the sweet praline had a disinhibiting filling. After a few minutes the rubber girls transformed Drea into a real living Rubberdoll. Photos: Fotowunderland


Update: 2014-03-24 / Imprisonment

To get the prisoner to speak, the Novem-Viginti jailers forced him into a female bodysuit with big boobs, wide hips and female mask. Jill and Jacline string his waist very smal and wardress Alexa takes him like a woman until he speaks. Camera: Alex Fetograf

Patient Mary

Update: 2014-03-14 / Patient Mary

Mary Jale went to the Rubbersisters clinic for a cosmetic improvement of her skin. Before Mary get her new 2nd skin she has to clean herself carefully. Nurses Jacline & Monica helping her to get ready and bring her into the rubber hospital bed for the night.

Mary Jale

Update: 2014-03-03 / Mary Jale

Mary Jale is a very talented fetish model and most of all very addicted to rubber. She loves her latex wardrobe and wants to own more and more. To dress up herself and play noty games is really a passion of her.

White Rabbits

Update: 2014-02-21 / White Rabbits

To celebrate carneval this year, the Rubbersisters are going to a very traditional white party in Munich. See how Monica's make-up is done with the female mask Petra. They get ready dressed as bunny girls at the hotel and walk to the tram and location. It was a very exciting and positiv experience.

Pony Trouble

Update: 2014-02-10 / Pony Trouble

At a ride to Los Angeles, California, the Rubbersisters meet Gwen, the pony trainer. She teaches Monica and Jacline how to get the right pony girl satisfaction. With a strong hand, Gwen get them to do it right. Many thanks to Rubber Dynasty for the pictures.

Good Morning

Update: 2014-01-31 / Good Morning

Today Monica is getting up very late. She looks into the mirror and realize, her hair is horrible messed up. No problem if you have a styled mask and wig prepared. Monica's maid "La Poupette " helps her to get ready for the day.

Slappers Toy

Update: 2014-01-20 / Slappers Toy

Jacline is showing her girlfriends Larissa and Mary the toys in their bedroom. In the mattress is a men implemented in vaccum. The rubber keeps him immobilised and always ready for her pleasure. To get the toy more comfortable and to please her lesbian tendency she can pump up boobs and hips.

Pole Dance

Update: 2013-12-20 / Pole Dance

The Italian girl Bizarre Violet and the Rubbersisters went to a pole dance bar in Milano. Monica & Jacline was covered in shiny purple latex and wear high laced boots. The thrilly atmosphere, the cool music and the hot movements of the girls made the night really erotical.