Living Buffet

Update: 2017-09-23 / Living Buffet

The Rubbersisters meet Lady G in a kinky bar. They decided to use the barkeeper Venus for her pleasure. The girls took off her latex dress and placed some fresh fruits on her body. This delicate girl tastes so sexy that the girls start doing naughty thinks. Photos:

Disturbed Play

Update: 2017-09-13 / Disturbed Play

Monica and Jacline kiss and play together in her privat bedroom. Monica pack Jacline in the vacuum bed to fixt her body immobile and use an vibrator to shake her body. Suddenly the door opened and pervy Liz watched the couple unseen.

House Maid

Update: 2017-09-02 / House Maid

Monica is working in an excellent hotel in Amsterdam as a house maid. She has to wear a rubber maid uniform. Monica likes housekeeping very much especially when the hotel guests are excited to see her cleaning.

Girlfriend 2

Update: 2017-08-23 / Girlfriend 2

Monica and Miss Fetilicious unpack the suitcase and dress each other with matching rubber clothes. The girlfriends really love to touch, smell and wear latex. Also the feminine bright colours tease the girls a lot.


Update: 2017-08-12 / Invitation

Comtesse Larissa invited her friends Monica and Jacline to a rubberized holiday in Costa Rica. The girls enjoy the sunny weather, the wonderful house, the garden and the nice swimming pool. They love to wear rubber all day.

Pleasure Girl

Update: 2017-08-02 / Pleasure Girl

Monica was invited to the Night of pleasure party in Munich. She really was turned on from the fantastic Studio Elegance location. She danced and played the whole night until the sunrise.

Rubber Garden

Update: 2017-07-22 / Rubber Garden

Monica meets Honeyhair at the Boundcon in Munich. The girls get dressed in shiny black rubber catsuits with nice decollete. They decided to go out into the lovely garden of the hotel before starting to the exhibition.Thanks to noregretsphotography.

Clinic Mistakes 2

Update: 2017-07-12 / Clinic Mistakes 2

The breast operation went off perfect but then the medical team discovered the mistake. Doctor Liz Rainbow decided to carry on and do a full male to female transformation. From now on Paul has to live as a female doll.

Blue Glance

Update: 2017-07-01 / Blue Glance

Summer, sun and latex. Jacline enjoys her holiday on the ocean. She wears a blue transparent latex catsuit, gloves and hood. She loves to go snorkeling, especially when her body is completely covered with rubber.

Clinic Mistakes

Update: 2017-06-10 / Clinic Mistakes

Paul went to a special beauty clinic for a liposuction. These clinic works with high performance androide personal. Dr. Liz is opperating many patients in a row to be maximal efficently. So the consequential mistake comes to Paul and change his life.