Update: 2015-11-21 / Exercise

It is time to get a workout for the rubber dolls Monica, Jacline und Cynth Icorn. Fully dressed in latex they have to train all kinds off muscles. Incedible how good the gym machines style their bodies. Photography: Jan, fetishclubpix

Forced Milking

Update: 2015-11-11 / Forced Milking

Mary Jale contrived a new form of getting more of Monicas juice. She convert the fucking machine into a melking automate. To push the result even further she sits on her and supports the machine to get the maximum speed and force. Inflatable doll suit made by 2nd-skin.

Clinical Transform

Update: 2015-10-31 / Clinical Transform

...the first part of a clinical rubber transformation where a male get permanently transformed into a female. There is no return with the serious operation. Starring Monica, Jacline and Valentina.

Mistress M

Update: 2015-10-21 / Mistress M

Mistress Monica enjoys the large playroom at Essandemm Studio in England, fully equipped by Fetters and Dungeon Crafts. Amazing how Monica looks in a dominant role. A memory to our first shootings 10 years ago.

Pony Girl

Update: 2015-10-10 / Pony Girl

Katya Lynx came to a Rubbersisters experience and get transformed into a pony girl. Dompteuse Jacline is teaching Katya to lift her hooves very high during the trot. She is checking the harness because something seems to jangle ...

Blow-up Girl

Update: 2015-09-30 / Blow-up Girl

A heavy rubber gallery with Jacline and Valentina. The girls love to play with very extreme rubber stuff. Especially with a blowup jacked to get locked up and be helpless lost. Look how nice they both playing!

Female Pupation 2

Update: 2015-09-21 / Female Pupation 2

During the transformation, Miss Pony lose the control about what happend. After she got the female mask on, Monica put on a slave necklace to ensure it for removel. She bound her arms and legs and place her into a showcase to expose. Now she is a helpless real rubberdoll.

Barbie Dolls

Update: 2015-09-12 / Barbie Dolls

This morning Mary Jale wakes up in her bedroom and is sexual excited again. Her lovely female dolls standing next to her bed and always ready to play with. Today she choice her favored barbie doll Monica to dress her up with white rubber clothes, painting her nails, bruch the hair and play naughty games on the bed.

Female Pupation

Update: 2015-08-31 / Female Pupation

Miss Pony decides to transform herself into a real rubberdoll. She visits the Rubbersisters to get the best female transformation. Monica is helping her to get into the latex bodysuit and start shapping her body. She also is getting new nipples ..

Boobs Torture

Update: 2015-08-10 / Boobs Torture

In the california dungeon from Rubber Dynasty, Jacline got locked up. She is helpless chained and has to suffer the pervy games of Gwen and nurse Monica. The girls using big suction cups to milk her huge tits and inspect all openings. Many thanks to Rubber Dynasty for the location and filming.