Carnival Venice

Update: 2016-02-03 / Carnival Venice

Monica was visiting the world famous place for masking "the venice carnival". It is amazing to be totaly transformed as female and walking with high laced boots through the crowd. Celebrating with friends in the streets of Venice is really a very exiting experience.

Rubber Ponys

Update: 2016-01-23 / Rubber Ponys

The rubber girls Mary Jale & Jacline love to be transformed into ponys with all that goes with it. They wear black latex body suits and very tied corsets. The girls play together on front of a open fire place until the start to sweat. That makes the ponygirls even more horny and wild.

White Love

Update: 2016-01-13 / White Love

This morning Jacline wakes up in her white canopy bed and starts to play with a gas mask. She really like the smell of rubber. The hole body covered with white rubber makes her almost invisible.

Secret Vibrations

Update: 2016-01-02 / Secret Vibrations

At the Rubbersisters clinic the two nurses Mary Jale and Jacline having a short break. The rubber girls use the time to experiment with new arrived tools on herself. This rubber personal really know how to get highly specialised in the feld.

Xmas Present

Update: 2015-12-24 / Xmas Present

The Rubbersisters and La Poupette celebrate together christmas. They unpack a very large packet and they are surpised what is coming out. Merry christmas to all our members, fans, friends, models, photographers, producers and organizers. Many thanks for all the support and motivation during the last year.

Rubber Weekend

Update: 2015-12-12 / Rubber Weekend

The black rubber girls, Jill Diamond and Monica starts playing with sweet white Jacline in her beautiful four poster bed. Suddenly Monica gets bedded from Jill and Jacline is ridding on her. In the meanwhile Jill is screwing her with a strap on. Video: Alexx Fetograf

Rubber Nuns

Update: 2015-12-02 / Rubber Nuns

2 extreme pervy rubbernuns and the mother prioress, fully dressed in transparent latex, do the daily activities of her destiny. Prioress Monica is giving theirs attendant Valentina and Jacline the right tools and instructions to get sacred.


Update: 2015-11-21 / Exercise

It is time to get a workout for the rubber dolls Monica, Jacline und Cynth Icorn. Fully dressed in latex they have to train all kinds off muscles. Incedible how good the gym machines style their bodies. Photography: Jan, fetishclubpix

Forced Milking

Update: 2015-11-11 / Forced Milking

Mary Jale contrived a new form of getting more of Monicas juice. She convert the fucking machine into a melking automate. To push the result even further she sits on her and supports the machine to get the maximum speed and force. Inflatable doll suit made by 2nd-skin.

Pony Girl

Update: 2015-10-10 / Pony Girl

Katya Lynx came to a Rubbersisters experience and get transformed into a pony girl. Dompteuse Jacline is teaching Katya to lift her hooves very high during the trot. She is checking the harness because something seems to jangle ...