Ponygirl Transformation

Update: 2016-08-31 / Ponygirl Transformation

After we transformed Anna Rose into a ponygirl pet, we started to train her in high stepping and pony behaviour. Now it's time for her to have an out-walk. It was a pleasure for us to train such a horny ponygirl.Video: Uwe Rose /

Nurse education

Update: 2016-08-20 / Nurse education

3 rubber dolls, Sarah, Jacline and Monica start a very exciting nurse education. Supervisory nurse Aline is teaching her students all what a real rubber nurse has to know...


Update: 2016-08-10 / Dolltraining

2 Rubberdolls, Monica and Sarah are dressed in red latex suits and got trained by Lady Jacline with dildos in different restrictions. The dolls had the live experience to be a helpless toy. Many thanks to our lovely rubber doll Sarah. Location: Ess and Emm

Rubber Cats

Update: 2016-07-30 / Rubber Cats

3 savage girls are dressed completely in black shiny rubber catsuits. As Monica brings milk and cream for her hungry cats they get out of control and start to lick not only the milk. Monica really has to struggle to get the cats Aline, Sarah and Jacline under control again.

Red Bondage

Update: 2016-07-20 / Red Bondage

Monica arrived in the red bondage room and discovered 2 freaky girls playing. Shinyaline and Jacline dressed in black rubber and gasmask had a very naughty plan now!!!Photograph: SPO

Flying Doll

Update: 2016-07-09 / Flying Doll

Monica was locked up in Comtesse Larissas secret dungeon and had to wear a chastity belt. In the afternoon Jacline and Larissa surprised her with a very special captivation. The doll was flying and totaly helpless to the mercy of the girls.

Enclose Me

Update: 2016-06-29 / Enclose Me

Two Rubbergirls love to be completly dressed in black rubber. On top of the latex suit Jacline get many layers of transparent plastic foil around to fix her in place. Petra enjoys to play with her victim and get very horny as she fills the last openings with rubber.


Update: 2016-06-18 / Transformation

Mistress Sandra from fetish-live and Jacline transformed a man into a woman. From now on his name will be Monica. He has to stay in his new rubber skin until he gets completely feminine ... Pictures: Harald Wilfer

Klinik Bizarr

Update: 2016-06-08 / Klinik Bizarr

Monica and Jacline, the Doctors couple did a big "check up" on a special patient. They both checked all functions of the volunteer during his stay at the hospital. The patient seemed to enjoyed the medical treatment from the Rubbersisters...

Pinky Love Dolls

Update: 2016-05-28 / Pinky Love Dolls

Rubberdoll Jacline met her girlfriend Lucy in London. Rubber maid Monica brought some sex toys and had to watch the pervy activities. The dolls was touching, kissing and licking her wet pussies. Finally they used their hands to get themself to the high. The whole room was full of sweet latex and love smell!